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Peter James is a singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Self taught, he began writing and performing
during his teenage years in the United Kingdom.
In 1992 he relocated to Hong Kong. Traveling
regularly throughout Southeast Asia, he discovered
the commonality of the melodic rhythms about him and
Classical Minimalist music. Inspired, he embarked on
an intense period of musical exploration and songwriting.

His journey continued to the USA, where
he arrived in 1998. Serendipity introduced the
complimentary talents of Daniel Panasenko in 2001,
David Lofton joined the project in 2002, and
Gino Robair completed the collaboration in 2004.

Peter currently resides in San Francisco and performs
regularly on the West Coast. His unique repertoire of
guitars includes a 10-string classical by Cardiel, an 8-string,
electric-acoustic by Joe Veillette, and a 6-string electric
designed by Ned Steinberger.