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"This is gentle but subtly energetic music, full of gorgeous instrumental interplay and memorable vocal melodies – and upon first listen, it is easy to miss the intricacies of the interlocking guitars, the delicate yet effective percussive touches, and single-line textural elements that blend seamlessly into a shimmering harmonic whole." Read the full review!

Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

"Sophisticated... complex ballads with an arty sensitivity that recalls the likes of Bryan Ferry and David Sylvian." Read the interview!

Mac Randall, Guitar One Magazine

“Garnering a lot of attention among the mainstream, guitar-oriented press... James certainly has one of the best CDs you could ask for.” Read the full review!

      Guitar Nine Records

“...a soothing acoustical soundscape ...reminiscent of the stellar work of the late Michael Hedges …a lush affair of fine musicianship and evocative lyrics served by a sincere voice. (Best listened to) from a beachfront deck at sunset with a glass of wine in hand and romance in the air.” Read the full review!

Roland Goity, Online Rock

“James offers listeners a beautiful debut (with) relentless attention to instrumental detail.”

Christopher Petro, West Coast Performer Magazine

"One of my favorite discs of the year so far. Great..."

George Maida, 88.9FM WCVE-FM Richmond, Virginia

“It's an exquisite collection of songs that reveals more each time I listen... one of my current favorites. Its a great piece of work.”

Jeffrey Jones, WOJB-FM88.9, Wisconsin

"What a great songwriter. These are songs that really seem to have universal appeal. Presenters and listeners alike love this one."

      Jeff Mifsud, 3NRG, Australia

“A wonderful relaxing album in the singer-songwriter tradition. Waiting for more, much more by Peter James. His footnotes are the fairytales of a modern world and the perfect companion to our lives.”

      Uwe Golz, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Germany

“…wonderful CD. The complex polyrhythm between the instruments is fabulous. The voice is quite similar to David Sylvian... just beautiful. And the 8 string!!”

Tércio Freire, RUA FM, Portugal

"For that easy going, folksy feeling, do not bypass Peter's latest album. The album is excellently self-produced and the guitar work is, well, heavenly. Am I going overboard? Hell, yes! Quick, throw me that life-belt I need to get back on shore to listen to it all over again."

      Tony Bates, 100.7 Highlands FM, Australia

"It's deeply emotional …like traveling in a strange country yet you feel at home …some of the biggest names of the folk tradition are heard in the first few seconds but after one or two titles you have to say 'I am listening to Peter James'…it's so good, there is a new star in the heaven of folk."

Jean Francois Reveillard, DBC TV/Radio, Switzerland

"Mellow, velvety, soulful voice that ...goes into the David Sylvian territory of surreal, emotion-based songwriting. Excellent. A departure from regular songs …repeated listens will reap rewards."

Podgy's Tokyo Talk, Japan

“I very much enjoyed the album and found the arrangements/instrumentation interesting… Voice is uncannily like David Sylvian…”

      Rachel Blech, BBC RADIO ULSTER, Ireland

“It's a great album! The instruments are very creative and captivating. A very emotional and intimate album.”

      Filipe Santos, RUA FM, Portugal

“The songs are equally likeable for their lyrics, playing, vocals, and arrangements. Good for Sunday morning listening. Works well as an album.”

      Andy Dooley-Miller, KVMR, California

“Great singer songwriter. Good voice, good songs.”

      Jac Oerlemans, Countrytrack Radio, Netherlands

"Nice mellow music …It's a little hipper than folk, like mellow John Mayer, Jack Johnson or Coldplay."

      Val Starr, GotRadio, California

e dig the new disc here at 100,000 watt KUMD  …good songs! Good band bringing them to life!"

     John Ziegler, KUMD, Minnesota

"…beautiful CD Footnotes To Fairytales."

     Theo Oldenburg & Johanna Bodde, Radio Winschoten, Netherlands

“Music to lie down in, to surround yourself with mood.”

      Philip Crookes, Primetime Radio 1ZZ, New Zealand

“Peter has an intriguing album here, with imaginative but sensitive arrangements and backing, and interesting lyrics.”

      Arthur Elliott, RED 99.7FM, Australia

"A great CD …really lush."

     Lisa Klein, Optic Noise, California

"The CD is good, with some excellent acoustic arrangements and sounds."

     Muff Winwood, Managing Director and Snr. VP A&R Sony Soho Square      Label (S2), UK

“Peter James will appeal to the Norah Jones and Coldplay crowd… but more unique, the instrumentation is fresh and the songs are sincere.”

Shana Morrisson, Singer, Songwriter

"...voice and melodies, that take you where you have never been."

     RaZoR, Producer, Improper Channels (U2, Brilliant Fish, Raintree Crow)

"Voice is spectacular ...truly beautiful songs."

      Noelle Hampton
, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

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