San Francisco-based British singer-songwriter
Peter James composes lush, cinematic folk music.
Dramatic, passionate and reflective, Peter's songs
stimulate imagery and emotion.

Drawing inspiration from David Sylvian, Steve Reich,
Philip Glass, and Everything But The Girl, Peter’s
sound has been characterized as a mix of Elliot Smith,
Simon & Garfunkel, Morrissey, and Lloyd Cole.

Supporting Peter’s voice is the unique instrumentation
of 10 & 8 string guitar, Chapman Stick, electric upright
bass, and fretless guitar. The compositions are
intricate and daring, combining melodic patterns
with irresistible hooks.

Peter James – 10 & 8-string guitar, guitar, voice
Daniel Panasenko – chapman stick, electric upright bass
David Lofton – fretless guitar, guitar, support voice
Dramatic, passionate and reflective - this is lush, cinematic music.
New! Video of the band performing Too Numb at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco
• Airplay on over 120 radio stations in 21 countries, 30 states

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