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New Artists For June-July, 2006  
  Uncovering Guitar Potential  

Peter James  

8 String-Driven Singer/Songwriter

Guitarist Peter James has recently released his CD featuring eleven shimmering examples of his lush, cinematic folk music, entitled Footnotes To Fairytales. Garnering a lot of attention among the mainstream, guitar-oriented press, his album also features fretted and fretless guitarist David Lofton, and Chapman Stick and electric-upright bass player Daniel Panasenko, both of whom supplement James' 8-string guitar playing, complex arrangements and unusual time signatures. It must be pointed out that, at it's core, this is a singer/songwriter style album, but the skill of the musicians and their textural use of many stringed instruments is anything but run-of-the-mill, and will rightly command the enlightened listener's attention. If you're open to his approach, James certainly has one of the best CDs you could ask for.